Story of John Howard

Australia is practicing the parliamentary system in politics. The parliamentary system of Australian politics depends on three main components, Monarch, Senate and great House of Representatives.
The head of the Australian politics is Monarch. It is generally known as governor general in Australian states. Prime Minister in Australia is the head of the cabinet and head of the government. There are two persons who served Australia for the longest tenure in the history of Australia. These two men were Sir Robert Menzies and John Winston Howard.
John Howard served the country from 1996 to the year 2007 and known as the second largest serving prime minister in Australian history. Initially he was in the House of Representatives, after that he served as a treasurer. Afterwards he was the leader of the opposition in coalition party. He was once again elected as an oppositional leader in 1995.
In 1996, he defeated his competitor Paul Keating’s which ended his career as an oppositional leader and ranked him in the position of prime minister of Australia.
Problem of hearing was faced by John Howard in the early days of his youth. Hearing aid helped him with this problem. He had an excellent memory and wants to be a barrister. Joining the Liberal party was his first step in his political career. He also remained President of Young Liberals.
While serving as treasurer, he strengthens the Australians economy. He was a great supporter of tax reforms and did very well in this regard.
He proved himself as a great oppositional leader as he was elected twice and for a long term as opposition leader.
He was defeated in the elections of 2007. His political career is an inspiration for others. The way he started, maintain and ends were remarkable. He proved himself as a man of dignity.