Life in Australia

Australia is a country where every citizen living can make their dreams come true. Australia is also known for its values and respect given to a family. Infact, the Government of Australia recognizes and understands the value of a family life and hence has even come up with the ‘Parent Migration Visa’ for all the expatriates who are willing to migrate and settle in Australia along with their parents.

This kind of Visa is applicable for people who are living in Australia or outside the country and whose children are born in Australia and are considered as Australian citizens. While applying for such type of visa, there are various terms and conditions that are required to be met. The first condition is that the parents whom a person is planning to invite to the country must be of sufficient age such as the age limit for the father must be 65 years or older while for the mother, the age must be 63 or older.

The applicant must also pass the ‘Balance of Family Test’ which means that those who are applying for a parent visa should have at least half of their children completely settled in Australia. The children can be their own, adopted or even their step children.

With regards to step children during the ‘Balance of Family Test,’ it must be noted that the step children are naturally adopted by the applicant’s current spouse and that both the parents have considered themselves as legal guardians to look and take care of their stepchildren.

With so many facilities provided by the Government of Australia to expatriates, there are many people who keep migrating to Australia and settle there for life and become legal citizens of Australia. If you are willing to settle in Australia with your parents, do not hesitate and contact the Australian Embassy in your country.