John Winston Howard – Australian Prime Minister – Term 1996-2007

John Winston Howard served Australia as the Prime Minister for eleven long years. He was sworn in Minister on the 11th of March in the year 1996, making him the 25th Minister to take charge of office as Australian Prime Minister after the Federation. His term as a Prime Minister lasted from the 11th of March 1996, right through the 3rd of December 2007, thus making his term as Prime Minister the second lengthiest after the term of Sir Robert Menzies, who was Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Howard was victorious in the federal election that were conducted in the year 2004 and returned back to office after winning the Liberal-Nation Coalition, thereby making it his fourth term in office after 8 years. The minister campaigned affirming his accomplishments of economic responsibility, lower unemployment rate and reduction of interest rates.

In opposition against him was Mark Latham from the ‘Australian Labor Party’, who had been in fact elected to lead his party just ten months prior.

The ‘Liberal National Coalition required seventy-six seats in order to win the election from among one-hundred and fifty members representing the federal house. He was able to surpass the required figure in even less than three hours after the voting was closed on the 9th of October at 6 pm.

John Howard represented the Bennelong federal seat for a span of 33 years in the North-west suburbs of Sydney. In the year 1974 he was elected into Parliament, after which he always returned back as a member year after year at the Australian House of Representatives. He was elected and held leadership of the’ Parliamentary Liberal Party’ from September 1985 to May 1989, following he came back to leadership in the year 1995 and went on to be elected Prime Minister of Australia in the year 1996.