John Howard – How he helped Australia grow over the years


John Howard was Australia’s 25th Prime Minister. He is the 2nd Prime Minister having served the longest term after Sir Robert Menzies from March 11th, 1996 to December 7th, 2007.

After the release of the movie about global warming directed by Al Gore’s, a shocking future has seen many Australian politicians get into the political bandwagon. Leading their way was John Howard who has admitted that global warming was possible after many years of questioning the science. He was regarded as a very smart politician

He joined the Parliament in May 1974 as a member for Bennelong. His first portfolio was as a Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs. He was later assigned the position of the treasure in 1983.

Australia has done extremely well through mining of natural resources since the past decade. Even the current global financial crisis did not affect Australia like the way it has affected the rest of the world. Unemployment is just about 5.3%. Banks have announced a billion dollar profits during the financial year. Even the mining is booming with full swing. The price for iron ore exported to China about a decade back were $1 in $3 as Royalty payment to different Australian State Governments while today the price China pays to Australia is $1 in $7 as royalty payments to the State Governments. All this has taken place under the able leadership of Australian Prime Minister, John Howard who is also considered to be a very close friend of George W. Bush (ex- president of the United States).

This increase in the revenue has helped Australians a lot. First of all, the extra income generated through the various projects will help build better infrastructure and wharf facilities through which the country will be able to help mining companies move extra coal and iron ore faster to China. The roads are built better; education system will have the same curriculum in each and every state of Australia so that the level of education remains common for each and every child.