How to Find a Sponsored Job in Australia – Few Tips

There are many people across the globe who are keen to know about sponsoring jobs in Australia. It can be quite difficult to find an Australian employer to sponsor a job to an overseas candidate. And many of the candidates try to apply after seeing advertisements in newspapers and websites.

Do you know that only 30% of the jobs are advertised in newspapers and websites? What about the balance 70%. The fact is that the balance 70% of jobs in Australia is found through ‘hidden job market’, which means that these jobs are not advertised in any newspapers or websites. Here is a brief of how to go about finding the right kind of employer.

1- Search for companies – Search for larger organizations in Australia online as these are the companies who will be ready to sponsor a foreign national by conducting and interview online or through a conference call system.

2- Global Companies – Conduct a search for global companies having their main office located in Australia and their branch offices in different parts of the world. Find out whether the companies based outside Australia have a transfer option to Australia after a couple of years working in their branch office or corporate office.

3- Keeping a Record – Contact a list of Australian companies that is relevant to your area of expertise. Try to call these companies directly and speak to the HR Department or a senior official of the company. A professional call to a company will always give more priority to a candidate willing to take up a job in Australia.

4- Plan a trip – It would be great if candidates travel to Australia and meet in person the HR department of all the companies with whom they have either spoken over phone or email.

Above mentioned are some of the few tips to help candidates find the right kind of job as per their expertise and migrate to Australia.