Honorable Australian Prime Minister – John Howard

John Howard – The honorable Prime Minister of Australia contested the elections in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2007. He was the 25th Prime Minister to serve Australia. His term in office began on the 11th of March 1996 and extended until 3rd December 2007. He was preceded by the 24th Prime Minister Paul Keating and was succeeded by Kevin Rudd.
Apart from serving as a Prime Minister he also served as the 29th treasurer. His term in office as treasurer of Australia began on 17th November 1977 and extended till 11thMarch 1983. John Howard was preceded treasurer by Philip Lynch and was succeeded by Paul Keating. After which he served as the 22nd Leader of the Opposition in office from 5th September 1985 to the 9th of May 1989. He was both preceded and succeeded Leader of the Opposition by Andrew Peacock John again served as leader of the Opposition from 30th January 1995 to 11th March 1996, preceded by Alexander Downer and succeeded by Kim Beazley.
John Howard also served for Bennelong as a member of the Australian Parliament from the 18th of May 1974 to the 24th of November 1997 wherein he was preceded by John Cramer and succeeded by Maxine Mckew.
John Howard was born on 26th July in the year 1939 and lived in Earlwood, a small town in New South Wales in Australia. He completed his education from the University of Sydney and represented the Liberal Party and the Coalition political affiliation. John followed the Anglican religious faith. In the year 1971 he married Janette Parker who was also a member of the Liberal Party. Howard is a father to three children namely Melanie his daughter who was born in the year 1974, followed by his sons Tim in 1977 and Richard in the year 1980. He is now 73 years of age.