Early Life of John Howard

John Howard is one of the successful politicians belonging from Australia. He was the fourth Son of Mona and Howard. His parents married in 1925 and he was born after his three brothers named as Stanley, Walter and Robert. His father was a great fan of Sir Winston Churchill. He got his early education from Australia. Both of the parents were vigilant in giving their children the best education and he got his education from Sydney. This is amazing to understand that there were some of the hearing as well as the speech disorders related to this great leader. He suffered from slight speech disorder and hearing impairment. He has got a very sharp memory and he polished his skills to become one of the successful leaders of the world. The early life predicated his extra ordinary character as well as some of the inherited abilities.
With respect to education, he was an above average student. He won many prizes during his secondary school debating competitions. He has also played a lot of cricket as he won many of the prizes by entering in the competitions as county level. The final year at school was also memorable as he won the prize on hosting a radio show. He graduated from University of Sydney in 1961 and after that he practiced law for twelve years. He worked hard and made a very authentic name in legal practice. After that he got married to his fellow at the Liberal party and after the marriage he entered into the politics. He has three children and is living a very happy life. As an Australian politician, he has proved his value by building friendly relations with other countries of the world. Australia, under his regime, has played a very crucial in the war against the terrorism.