Early Life Biography of Australian Prime Minister – John Howard

John Howard was born on the 26th of July in the year 1939. John was the fourth child of Lyall and Mona Howard who were married in the year 1925. He had three older brothers. Stanley his eldest brother was born in the year 1926, Walter the second was born in 1929 and the third Robert was born in 1936.

John who was also called ‘Jack’ hailed from a Methodist family and was brought up in Earlwood, a suburb in Sydney. His mother worked in an office until she got married. While his father and father’s father were ex-serviceman who served the First AIF during the World War I. The father grandfather duo ran two petrol stations wherein John worked as a young lad. However, his father Lyall Howard passed away in the year 1955 and John who was just sixteen at the time of his father’s death was brought up in the care of his mom. It was around the same time in his teenage years that he suffered a hearing impairment which left him with a mild speech impediment. In fact he still continues to make use of a hearing aid. It was this impairment that limited his initial academic performance and urged him to rely on an outstanding memory.

John completed his early schooling from Earlwood Primary School and later attended Canterbury High School for Boys. John was very active all through his school years. He was awarded a citizenship prize trophy during his final term at Earlwood and went on to represent the Canterbury Boys High School in inter school debating, besides he was also part of the cricket and rugby team in his school. His passion for cricket has remained unchanged over the years. After finishing school, John graduated in law from the University of Sydney in the year 1961 and practiced for twelve long years as a solicitor.