Few Facts about Australia

Australia, as Sydney its capital is the sixth largest country of the world in total area. It is a beautiful place consisting of Islands, Forest, dessert and the amazing beauty of the nature. The economy of Australia reflects it as a strong economic country. The GDP and per Capita income is very high in Australia which states that the poverty is very low there. There is no religion imposed in the Australian state. We can say that it is a religion-free area. Anyone can exercise their religion freely.
The establishment of government in Australia somewhere reflects North American and British style but yet it is uniquely Australian style of government. There is a parliament consisting of two further chambers. One is the House of Representatives and the other chamber is the Senate. These chambers are allowed to appoint minister and then those ministers conduct government. Government policies are decided at the meetings of the Cabinet.
The crown is on the head of the Prime Minister who is in the highest rank amongst the ministers and appointed by Governor General. Prime minister of Australia is the head of the Australian government and leader of Australian Cabinet and also highest paid. Currently, Kevin Rudd is appointed as the Australian Prime Minister. He is the leader of the Labor Party and appointed as a prime minister on 27th June 2013. He is the 26th Australian Prime minister and was also the PM during 2007 to 2010. John Curtin is known as the greatest and the first Prime Minister of Australia who died in his office during World War II.
Even if Australia is a completely free parliamentary democracy but still The UK Queen Elizabeth II is also officially the Queen of Australia. Like many other countries of the world all the Australian citizens over the age of 18 ought to vote federal and state elections for government.